Boneless Eve  

Artistic intervention in 萬華區 (Wanhua) also known as 茶館街區(Tea House District).
The oldest part of Taipei city, famous for its peculiar 清茶店 (Tea House) [ 茶室 , 茶館 , 摸摸茶 , 阿公店 ] , which are a specific version of brothels.
Place of a night street market full of all kinds of food, drink and entertainment, where the line between a toy and a human does not really matter.


2020, 萬華區 (Wanhua) Taipei / TW various materials 

photos: Mariusz Wolny and Sasha Ting 

How To Conjure Up Modern Art

The idea for this intervention came to me while observing the small pleasures of homeless people playing dice and mahjong, gathered in the Mengjia Park in Wanhua District of Taipei. Through my “action” I wanted to draw attention to people who have neither loved ones nor homes, during the most important Asian holiday – Chinese New Year.

About 95 percent of the material I collected on the streets in Wanhua. It was mainly old wooden furniture that I used to build all the elements of the installation i.e : a table throwing dice, horizontal and vertical boards for transforming mathematics into art, stools etc. The principle of operation of this interactive installation is extremely simple and therefore universal. Furthermore the installation has no age limits and it is equally suitable for the youngest as seniors.  
However, the true essence of this action wasn`t just fun, but education through play. Where based on simple activities, I was able to explain: how an artistic object can carry an emotional charge; how a seemingly indifferent object can be extremely personal; and what may be behind a chaotic set of lines.
Apart from the homeless, workshop participants were also people coming directly from the street. 


2020, Taipei / TW
剝皮寮歷史街區 Bopiliao Historic Block
wood, paper, dice, drawing and painting tools

Let me BE

A collective work – manifesto of seven artists from different countries, each of whom was responsible for the creation of one of the elements.

LET ME BE is an intervention in the urban space in Maasmechelen in Belgium, a wordplay (BE is both a verb and a symbol of the country in which the action took place) and a communicate addressed to everyone, who has to travel thousands of kilometers just to be able to receive a decent salary for their work.

2015, Maasmechelen / BE

300 / 1800 cm
textile, paint

1. Lowest common denominator, highest common factor

spray paint, tree
2011, Warsaw / PL

2. Samurai

spray paint, tree
2011, Warsaw / PL

3. Moment (pl: Chwila )

The medium is the message.

spray paint, sand
2011, Warsaw / PL


Theory describing an infinitely large generalization

220 x 220 x 450 cm
paper, thread
2008 Underground parking of the Center for Contemporary Art in Torun / PL