Let me BE

A collective work – manifesto of seven artists from different countries, each of whom was responsible for the creation of one of the elements.
LET ME BE is an intervention in the urban space in Maasmechelen in Belgium, a wordplay (BE is both a verb and a symbol of the country in which the action took place) and a communicate addressed to everyone, who has to travel thousands of kilometers just to be able to receive a decent salary for their work.

2015, Maasmechelen, BE
300 / 1800 cm
textile, paint

1. Lowest common denominator, highest common factor

2011, Warsaw, PL
spray paint, tree

2. Samurai

2011, Warsaw, PL
spray paint, tree

3. Chwila (eng: Moment)

The medium is the message.

2011, Warsaw, PL
spray paint, sand


Theory describing an infinitely large generalization

2008 Underground garage of the Center for Contemporary Art in Torun/PL
220 / 220 / 450 cm
paper, thread