Mariusz Wolny, sculptor and interdisciplinary artist. He creates critical and engaged art.
His works reveal the paradoxes of everyday life, pose questions about man and his complicated relationship with the world and reveal problems of various social, political and cultural phenomena, often showing them in a distorting mirror. He selects materials and combines various techniques freely. He often refers to the register of recognizable symbols (such as color, sign, object, form, gesture), handles carefully with ready-mades and shows a big sentiment to rejected material and waste.
His style is being free from style. What is experimental, new and actual – has become his signature. Thematically and formally heterogeneous, his works have a common denominator which is a conceptual intention. It is a result of observation and analysis of everything that involves man. Leaving a wide field of interpretation his works aim at provoking the recipient to think, also over himself.
Apart from sculpture and installation, Wolny is also involved in creating photography, drawings, social projects and in initiating non-invasive artistic interventions in the urban space, through such actions seeking interaction with the accidental viewer.